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"Using Piano Suite is like learning to drive in a fast car with Dale Earnheart... fun, fast, and inevitable."

"Best in Class" - International Society for Technology in Education, Educational Software Preview Guide

Piano Suite Premier is a must for anyone learning to play the piano in a home or studio. Piano Suite's immediate visual and audio feedback leads to steady, enjoyable progress, helping even novice players become competent musicians. The music theory course and piano sheet music library each contain a large varied repertoire of interactive 'learn to play' pieces with a useful progression from novice to intermediate skill, providing support for several years of regular piano lessons. The Composer/Editor, History and Games help develop the depth of knowledge and skill that teachers strive for.

Why is Piano Suite's interactive learning engine so valuable? Piano Suite's display of notation provides a large clear musical score, and ideal information to the user at all times. If you make a mistake, the display shows you how to move to the correct note, or correct timing. This allows even a beginner to learn while they practice, in a natural way. It's important to have the continued coaching to develop proper playing techniques, and it's great know when you're getting it right.

For the beginner using Piano Suite, it is very encouraging to play real music with both hands without spending weeks on pure theory.

After using Piano Suite for some time, it's a charge to see yourself getting better at playing a song you like, every single time you practice, being able to control the end result.

It's a lot of fun to have near limitless access to great music to learn, at your level of skill.

When you find a song that's not in the library, it's simple to draw it in with a pencil from your sheet music. Then you have your favorite piece, and a bunch of help to learn to play it. You can get new songs in MIDI format from the web and load them in too.

When you're being more creative, the multi-track recorder is no problem to use to lay down a drum track, guitars, and piano parts. You can send that to friends, or load it into Piano Suite.

Developed by music educators for music education, Piano Suite Premier includes:

  • Piano Player:
  • Over 500 musical pieces to play, practice and enjoy from Pop/Rock to Classical, from Folk to Jazz/Blues including 65 licensed pieces. Each selection is beautifully illustrated with animation, lyrics and voice recordings to bring the music to life.
  • Theory Thinker
  • with hundreds of narrated, step-by-step, music lessons and practice exercises to teach notation, sight-reading and playing skills.
  • Composers Corner
  • for creating, editing, or importing arrangements to add to the music learning library. Pieces can be saved to a custom library and learned by others in the Piano Player.
  • History Happens::
  • Musical timelines tell you who composed what type of music, Composer pronounciations, and a list of popular movie music and who wrote it.
  • 8 challenging games
  • to reinforce lessons and increase skills.
  • Detailed evaluation reports
  • for each student's activities. Piano Suite can track results of every piece practiced, or game played, for any number of users.

Free Viewer lets you transpose. change instruments, midi playback and more!
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