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Welcome to our Free online piano keyboard lessons.

Welcome to Here at Piano Suite you can learn to play the piano with these free online piano video lessons and keyboard instruction. These free online piano lessons cover everything from basic through advanced. With these free How to Play Piano Videos you can learn new song or brush up your technique. Learn The Major Chord Formula, Harmonic Scale, Phrygian Mode, Pentatonic Scale or how to substitute and alter passing chords to give them a fat contemporary sound.

And it's all free!

These free online piano lessons are for the beginner, intermediate and the professional who perhaps would like to upgrade or renew their skills or maybe simply find a song to learn. We hope you find the site enjoyable and a great learning experience. You can start by searching keywords or browsing them individually page by page below or by contributor on the left hand side of the page.

Featured Free Online Piano Lessons
How to Play Piano: Proper Fingering
Pete Sears guides you throiugh the correct fingering for playing the piano and keyboard.
By: PianoPete
Playing Piano: How to Play Fur Elise
Learn how to play fur Elise by Beethoven in this tutorial made by Andrew Furmanczyk. (AKA Lypur) I try to make this as easy, fun and detailed as possible. I went as fast as I felt i could go without skipping to much detail.
By: Lypur
Gospel Keys 202: Learn Worship Music on the Piano by ear
Learn over 60 new voicings, chords, progressions, and fancy arrangements to playing worship music! From fancy inversions of the ninth chord to the secret "Quartal" chord (which sounds very very smooth), you'll learn how to replace all of your basic triads and 3-fingered chords with full-sounding 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, and altered chords! Believe me when I say: "Others will notice!"
By: hearandplay
How to Play Piano: Playing in a Band
Former Jefferson Starship bassist and keyboardist Pete Sears shares some great tips on playing in a band.
By: PianoPete
Hear and Play Jazz 201: Clip #1
Hear and Play Jazz: How to play 2-5-1 patterns. part 1.
By: hearandplay
How to Play Piano: Polyrhythms Pt.1
A how-to instructional video teaching you how to play piano! This piano training lesson is about Polyrhythms such as 2 VS 3 and 3 VS 4. Thanks to "Spazactaz" for the idea.
By: Lypur
How to Play Phantom of the Opera on the Piano
Learn how to play the song Phantom of the Opera on piano or keyboard.
By: Brad99r
How to Play Piano: Major Scales
Major piano scales are composed of a series of five whole and two half steps in this sequence: whole step, whole step, half step, whole step, whole step, whole step, half step. We will begin with the C Major scale.
By: PianoPete
Playing Piano: Harmonic, Melodic Minors P.1
Playing Piano: Harmonic, Melodic Minors Part 1 - In this lesson I clear up why there is a tone and a half in a harmonic minor scale, I go into detail about leading tones, and what a harmonic and melodic scale is used for.
By: Lypur
How to Play Piano: Whole-Step and Half-Step
Pete Sears teaches you everything about full steps, whole steps and half steps, as well as a dramatic scale.
By: PianoPete
How to Play Piano: Blues Scales
Pete Sears gives you a lesson on blues scales for the piano. Get ready for the blues!
By: PianoPete
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